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Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain

INR 250

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PVC Strip curtains are made using flexible PVC Strips. Due to acoustic & thermal insulating properties, they provides better insulating barrier between two different work places. Transparent PVC strips provide clear vision through the curtain for ease of movement. It can be easily detached for washing and cleaning purpose. This PVC Strip Curtains can be customized and made to suit every need. They can be used as a partition wall, window curtains and so many unlimited applications. It provides not only cold resistance but also filters UV & IR from the sun light. Salient features : • U.V. Stabilized, clear TRPT, Flexible PVC Strips • Hanging system- Powder Coated M.S. Chanel/ Stainless Steel/ Aluminium Chanel • All PVC used is low Toxic, Cadmium & Lead Free • Washable with normal detergents • Welding grade is also available • Easy installations and maintenance. • Available in multi colors • Recommended Temperatures (Normal-5Degree C TO +65Degree C, Freezer -5 Degree C to -35 Degree) C • Hand Free Operation - Strips opens with a gentle push & closes automatically behind you. • Brilliant Transparency - See-through strips to allow both way safe traffic flow. • Welding grade strips are also available. • Buffer Strips - With a number of ribes to absorb the initial impact for very heavy movement area. APPLICATION OF PVC STRIP CURTAINS: • Pharmaceutical Industries • Hotels & Kitchen Area • Dairy Industry • Packaging Industries • Factories • Manufacturing Plants • Cold Storage • Freeze Zones • Processing of Agricultural Products • Warehouses • Food Processing Zones • Health Care Facilities Different Sizes available: 200 x 2mm - Doors upto 2 meter height 200 x 3mm - Doors upto 5 meter height 300 x 3mm - Doors more than 5 meter height 200 x 5mm - High pressure area

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