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Mosquito Killer machine  suppliers in Rajkot

TRINITY, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offers,Looking to the protection of you and your family from insects & nasty bugs, TRINITY insect killer will give you adequate protection and prevention from dieses like dengue, malaria, chikanguniya etc.

Backed with immense industry-experience and knowledge, we are offering a very wide range of Insect Killer / Fly O Cite / Fly Killer. Entire range is manufactured using excellent quality raw material and modern technics with latest standards.

TRINITY fly killer is designed on light attracting principle in our excellent insect killers attract insects towards the them, due to which they immediately die because of the electrically charged grid. It contains best quality Ultra Violet Germicidal tube lights which attracts flying insects to it and attracted insects will be electrocuted by the high voltage grid immediately. The remaining of the fly is collected in the bottom tray which must be cleaned up regularly. Fence wire mesh is provided to avoid human or animal direct tough to high voltage grid. These are not only powerful killers but are also safe convenient and odorless, providing safe and hygienic environment to the users.

The Ultra Violet rays are completely harmless to human being and animals. 100% SAFE FOR HUMANS AND PETS

"TRINITY" Insect Killer Machines are non-chemical, No poison, no chemical, no refilling, no pollution, non-toxic, no smell, no fumes, no mess, no spray safe and a most effective flying insect control system. Insect Killer instantly exterminates mosquitoes, flies, , spiders and wasps... without the loud noise
Our products are Environment Safe and non-Hazardous & fume less and easy to use. It is very effective in killing all the flying and crawling insects..

"TRINITY" the killer machine completely restricts the Flying Insects within the premises and keep the environment free from various diseases.

C R C A powder coated / Stainless Steel / ABS Plastic body fitted with best quality electronic choke, latest designed tube holders, Original Philips imported U V tubes are as a part of our popular range of products. ON / OFF with rocker switch with indicator & fuse for safety is a standard with most of our products. Protective grill to prevent accidental contact with high voltage grid inside. Specially designed removable bottom tray to collect trapped insects. High voltage grid is made out from very good electrical conductive material connected to industrial heavy duty transformer which minimizes shattering of insects. Long life Philips make U V tube having effective life up to 5000 hrs. With an optimized spectrum matching the eye sensitivity of the housefly, ACTINIC BL TL-D(K) Secure lamps are perfect for attracting insects. They have virtually no UV-B output and so are perfectly safe. They can be available with a special "Secura" sleeve that keeps all glass components together in the case of accidental breakage which eliminates the risk of glass splitters showering down on production area. It also meets the strict HACCP requirements. With the lowest mercury content in the industry and being 100% lead-free, these lamps represents a very good environmental choice.

Our range is very high performing and consuming less power to effectively lure insects & mosquitoes into its high power grid. Effective area about 300 to 600 sq.ft during day time & almost double during dark hours.
Our products are designed to find their application in various areas such as

Hotels & restaurants, Hospitals & dispensaries, Bakeries, Diary, Food junctions, Kitchens, Fisheries, Fish - mutton stalls, Show room & food stores, Offices, Malls, Canteens

Being a portable this can be fitted on wall or hang from ceiling or set it on a flat surface.

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